Neighborhood Economics funding kit becoming real

The Neighborhood Economics Funding Kit (NE) is closing in on its first customer, along with several related grants, one for a Replicable Fiber Shed Mapping Tool, another for augmenting adolescent female agency through learning entrepreneurship. And the Literacies Engine is moving along as well. The funding kit deck is here. I’m mostly blogging about the

GoodCap considering a media investment

Good Capital Holdings, our tiny but flexible long term investment vehicle, is looking at its second direct investment in a company, this one a media company that is really good at helping people get the clear, but complex story on a topic they care a lot about and want to know more about as it

Moving forward with Good Capital’s media investment

We are really excited to be engaging with a great online media platform, moving toward closing the investment soon. They are a natural fit with our investment in the online community platform to connect mentors, entrepreneurs and challenge and prize competitions and accelerators. Our other investments are in two funds, Better Ventures, and Reinventure