Social Enterprise Expansion Fund (SEEF) Portfolio

How are you defining Social Enterprise?

Will you only invest in NonProfits?
Will you invest in LOHAS or Cleantech?
What kind of risk is this fund looking at?

SEEF Portfolio Management

How are you going to handle the diverse sectors?
Are you going to take a seat on the board?
How are you going to have management oversight if you don’t sit on the board?
What measurement tools will you use to validate social impact?
Why are you trying to make money in the middle when returns may be low?
How can you do more with less?

SEEF Fund Investors & Return

How much are you investing, and what kind of performance do you expect?
Won’t you experience the same failure rate as traditional venture capital, but not the massive upside to compensate?

How can you expect to take a return from a non-profit?
Why is GoodCap not using grant capital to meet this expansion opportunity?

What is level of ownership are you trying to achieve?
Who are your investors?
How can I use my Donor Advised Fund to participate?
What are your management fees?
Where does this fall in the alternative asset class spectrum?

Good Capital LLC

What are the qualifications of the investment team overseeing the fund?

How are you different from a donor advised fund (DAF)?

How does this fit into the overall mission of Good Cap?
Are you philanthropy or a VC fund?
What if any relationship is there between Criterion Ventures or Calvert Foundation?